Transkaroo Adventures

Our story

Transkaroo Adventures is situated on a sheep and cattle farm in the Karoo, a property that has been in the family since 1912. When Lindo and Elmarie got married and moved to the farm, they realized its potential extended beyond farming.

In 1993, Lindo and Elmarie van der Merwe launched the Transkaroo Hiking Trail, a three-day adventure through the stunning Karoo landscape. They recognized that the breathtaking and unexpected scenery of the Upper Karoo could provide tourists with a unique experience. They also identified an opportunity for organized hunting, given their ideal accommodations for hunters. Along the way, they formed lasting friendships across the country. Subsequently, Elmarie developed overnight and holiday accommodations, providing people with a chance to escape the hustle and bustle and relax.

In 2021, Elmarie passed away due to Covid, and one of their three daughters, Marelize, along with her family, relocated from Bloemfontein to assist with farming and tourism. With fresh ideas and youthful inspiration, Lindo, Marelize, and Tiaan are now overseeing this already successful business.

Currently, there is a wind farm development on the property, and the young couple also has plans to create a mountain bike route and introduce new accommodations. Stay tuned to discover what they have in store.

Experience the warmth of family and the beauty of nature at our farm.


Bovlei Farm
Middelburg, Eastern Cape


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